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"A colorful and delightful tale with magical illustrations. Lynn Friess and John Potter captured my attention in this little book with simple but important lessons of caring for the earth and the earth's most precious wildlife art museum."
Tom Mangelen, world-renowned photographer and conservationist on CARL and the Shadow Hill Gang

“I love these books” – Jane Lavino, National Museum of Wildlife Art Curator of Education

“Carl Discovers Wildlife Art is far more than just an engaging and uplifting story for young readers. Carl's story carries the solid message that reading is fundamental to shaping  positive attitudes towards learning and personal achievement. I am very impressed with the quality of the story and illustrations but also by its though-provoking content, which excites and motivates children to want to obtain greater reading skills.” – Rose A. John, B.A., M.Ed on Carl Discovers Wildlife Art

"Two things make Western Lullaby special. The message is simple and memorable, but wonderfully crafted to create touching visual images of home, family, wildlife and the rural mountain environment, all in peaceful harmony. Secondly, the clever illustration of this story is done exquisitely from cover to cover. It may be the finest I've seen in a children's book. Each page is a visual delight, complete with many details that will lead a young reader on a venture of discovery with each visit."
-Chuck Schroeder, Executive Director, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum on Western Lullaby

"What a beautiful book. It is extremely well done. The words are emotional and soothing. The illustrations are friendly and graphic. Every child who reads this book will fall in love with Mother Nature and her creatures. He or she will understand that Mother Nature is kind and gentle and that her creatures are a part of our human family. Wll done."
-Red Steagall, Poet Laureate of Texas, Official Cowboy Poet of Texas on Western Lullaby

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